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We teach people how to acquire a new foreign language even if they have a bad memory, are bad with grammar and have no time for evening language classes.

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What to look for in a language app


Get an app that will teach you all the words you need for everyday use, and practice it until you know it with instant recall. The vocabulary module should infuse more than 2000 words into your brain. 


You actually need less grammar than you think, but some foundational understanding is important. If you love grammar, grab a good grammar book from Amazon. Otherwise, get an app that teaches the fundamentals. 


You might want to practice your pronunciation in private before you try it out on the 'natives'. Find an app where you can listen to your own pronunciation as many times as you wish - most language apps are able to do this.


If language learning is boring, you'll never get it done - unless you have self-discipline like a monk (most of us don't). So find a language learning app that is both super-efficient at infusing the language, and is actually fun to use. Addictive - even better.

What is your
'language intuition'?

Let me ask you a question: Which of these two do you think is the most important for learning a language?
  Is it: to learn facts about the language?

    Or is it: to start using the language actively?  

How much do you need to learn?

Which language do you want to learn?










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If you know 500 words, you can understand simple and slow speech when a native slows it down and makes it easy for you. Or you can start reading Easy Reader books.

If you know 1000 words, you can follow along in conversations and get the gist of it, or read books and newspapers with a dictionary in hand.

2000 words is pretty much what you need for daily conversations at normal speed.

At 4000 words you can read books and newspapers fluently.

So over time, if you desire fluency, you want to work towards 4000 words or more. 

But here is the crucial thing: when you are  somewhere around 2000, you have  become an "insider”. The natives will let you listen in on their conversations as one of them, instead of using English with you.

So your goal should be to reach 2000 words as soon as possible, because then you can really use the language and it gets really fun!

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